I have always been enamored with royal ladies and their stories. And with their jewels and the history behind them. Somehow, as I grew older, the love never diminished. I decided that 2021 is the year I bring my passion to light. 

This site combines three of my loves: royal women, jewelry and books. It will primarily focus on historic royal women and the jewels they wore. From time to time, we’ll also stray into modern-day princess territory. We’ll definitely talk about royalty-related books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoy reading The Royal Archivist as much as I love writing it. 

Jane Rosebery

PS. I can also be found here. It’s where I write about the books I read, the stories I’m working on, my travels and other non-royalty history tidbits. 

PPS. I named this site The Royal Archivist after my husband joked that my office, with towering stacks of royal jewelry books, one faux tiara, old royal history magazines and other ephemera sprinkled about, is like my own royal archive.